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Virtual Food Drive


Jewish Family & Community Services provides non-perishable food items, free of charge, to people experiencing serious financial difficulties, through the on-site Winn-Dixie Emergency Food Pantry. From its inception, JFCS has provided food to help ensure that no individual or family in our community goes hungry.

No one can succeed on an empty stomach. JFCS strives to alleviate the pangs of hunger in the Northeast Florida community so that families can move towards improving their situation (or to achieve self-sufficiency).

Providing for those who are unable to afford basic life necessities is also the essence of Tzedakah, which asks each of us to help those in need live with more dignity and comfort.

We appreciate your participation in this new endeavor to raise funds for the food pantry. This online outlet is a fun interactive way to add groceries to JFCS’ food pantry. Please note that some of the items listed within the online pantry game show are not particularly reflective of actual items distributed or purchased through the JFCS Winn-Dixie Emergency Food Pantry.

Contact Marie Gabbamonte, Director of Development & Marketing, at 904-394-5727 or
Contact Suzanne Zimmerman, Winn-Dixie Food Pantry Coordinator, at 904-394-5723 or